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PCG Research Report Release

PCG Research Finds 85% of Respondents Sell More Cars after Implementing a Managed Retail Sales Process (MRSP) like Nextup

Independently-commissioned report also finds moving from open to managed retail sales process created a 20% -85% lift in logged showroom visits. 

ANAHEIM, Ca. – (May 13, 2015) – Nextup, a Retail Sales Process (RSP) proven to improve dealership sales, announces the PCG Research report, Transforming Automotive Retail Sales Process Management, has found changing from an open sales floor process (OSFP) to a managed retail sales process (MRSP) helped 85% of respondents sell more vehicles.

Through in-depth surveys with more than 100 automotive professionals using Nextup, the PCG Research report found:

  • 85% of respondents sold more cars after moving from an open sales floor to an MRSP.
  • 60% of respondents interviewed saw between a 20% – 85% lift in logged showroom visits. (Some dealerships interviewed saw a 100% lift.)
  • 70% of sales associates surveyed indicated they had more time to work their CRM tasks after implementing a MRSP.
  • 82% of respondents indicated they would recommend a MRSP platform to their colleagues.

“The data in this report truly shows how Nextup and their Managed Retail Sales Process is transforming automotive dealership operations on and off the showroom floor,” said Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting and Founder of PCG Research. “Dealerships with open sales floors should gain insight from this report on how switching to a Managed Retail Sales Process can create new opportunities for their team, their business, and create an all-around better experience for their customers.”

One of the notable stories in the report comes from client Mick Austin, General Manager of Mercedes Benz of Hoffman Estates. After implementing Nextup in his store and moving to a MRSP system, Mick saw a 40% increase in logged showroom visits, effectively going from 400 logged showroom visits per month to 560 per month with a MRSP. His store is now selling 186 units per month at a higher CSI.

“The beauty of moving from an OSFP to a MRSP is for the first time, dealership management has clear visibility into their sales process, using real numbers from logged showroom visits,” said Clint Burns, Founder of Nextup. “This enables them to look at hard data and make changes where needed to really impact their bottom line sales each month.”

For the report, PCG Research surveyed over 100 automotive professionals with a population that included Dealer Principals, managers and sales associates. The respondents surveyed had a wide monthly volume, with over 60% of respondents selling between 150-250 units per month.

To download a complimentary copy of the PCG Research report, Transforming Automotive Retail Sales Process Management, click here. For more information about Nextup, visit


About Nextup:

Nextup is a Retail Sales Process (RSP) that has proven to make sales teams more effective and increase test drives, write-ups and sales. By combining a closed floor selling system and easy-to-use technology, General Managers and Sales Managers are able to queue up sales leads in the door and level the playing field for their sales staff. The result is more time spent with each lead, increased test drives and higher sales numbers overall. For more information on Nextup, please visit

About PCG Research:

PCG Research provides in-depth product research services to the automotive community. The research, product feedback, application testing, and customer surveys executed by PCG Research enhance and compliment product development and marketing strategies for companies selling to the automotive dealer network. PCG Research gives the vendor community a powerful set of tools to support their sales and marketing efforts. For more information on PCG Research, or to be featured in a PCG Research report, please visit

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