5 Reasons Why Employees’ Rest and Meal Breaks are Important at the Workplace

May 19, 2022

Over the years, research has shown that employees who take pre-planned rest and meal breaks tend to work 30% better than those who don’t. It is proven many employers have suffered litigation due to rest and meal break-related issues, which has led to continuous changes in both the laws and business policies.

In general, employees’ rest and meal breaks are important to all the stakeholders involved; the employees, customers, employers, state, and the federal government. Of these, the employees, employers, and customers reap most of the benefits, and we look at some of them below.

1.     Increased Task Attention, Productivity, and Efficiency

As much as employers require the maximum time and value for their money, allowing employees rest and meal breaks have proven to have a direct effect on task attention, productivity, and efficiency. As a ripple effect, companies and businesses have sighted an increase in sales, which is a major business objective. At the same time, these benefits enable the employees to grow in their tasks and crafts, which is an ultimate plus to the business.

2.     Reduced Health Problems for Workers

Employees who work in establishments with ideal rest and meal break policies tend to experience fewer health conditions, which are related to long work hours. These conditions include and are not limited to stress and fatigue. As a result, employers enjoy reduced absence rates, which is good for business.

3.      Healthy Working Conditions and Happy Employees

At the end of the day, tapping into the inner emotions of your employees is a vital interpersonal skill that you should foster! Meal and rest breaks ensure a good working environment for the business, not to mention happy workers. 

When the employees, especially in the retail business, are happy, they tend to enhance customer service, providing more value to the customers. These intangibles go a long way in increasing and improving productivity.

4.    Good Company Reputation

In this time and age, a good company reputation and building a loved brand have become so important. With a good reputation, you not only get to keep your best employees but also attract other top-notch employees to work for you.

5.     Compliance with the Law

A business is as good as its compliance with the law of the land in which it operates. Laws that include specific directions on rest and meal breaks are becoming more prevalent. Over the years, there have been dozens of lawsuits against businesses that don’t adhere to state-specific laws, and it’s best to have a process in place to allow them as is directed.  

Clearly, ideal rest and meal break policies are not only good and beneficial to the employees, but also for the employers and company culture in the long run!


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