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Nextup’s Opportunity Management System was created to help you and your staff give every opportunity the attention it deserves. It’s simple to use and works with all departments. By implementing this system, you can increase staff efficiency, improve time management, and create accountability.

Nextup Reporting Dashboard
    • Meet and Greet

      Customers begin their experience with one prompt, professional greeting, not multiple, leaving them less intimidated and more open to doing business with you.

    • 100% Attention

      Staff stays focused on their highest-closing customers (appointments) without being worried about missing walk-ins.

    • Manager Intros

      Visibility into early manager intros every time builds better rapport with customers.

    • Speedy Experience

      A more organized process will create a speedier experience for your customers, bringing more referrals and repeat buyers.

      Finance Wait Time
    • Follow Up

      Customers needing phone or email follow-up are not kept waiting or wondering because staff has dedicated time to do so.

    • Clarity and Visibility

      Staff always know when they will be on point, and when they have appointments, keeping them undistracted and focused on follow-up.

    • Rewards

      Aggressive staff who focus on setting appointments are rewarded with more walk-in opportunities.

    • Manager Involvement

      Staff can easily and quickly request manger assistance without leaving their customer

    • Better Coaching

      When process performance falls below expectation, it’s immediately caught, allowing for quick coaching and improvement which leads to more staff success.

    • Mobile Access

      Staff can access the system from anywhere in the business, including 2-way messaging with other staff.

    • Proper Coverage

      Ensures all customers are greeted promptly and professionally. By knowing your busiest days, times of day, and managing staff lunch schedules, your floor is always covered.

      Nextup in Automotive Showroom
    • More Appointments

      Encourages staff to set appointments, benefiting them as well as the bottom line of your department.

    • More Customer Intros

      Always know exactly when to initiate an intro with customers, improving staff performance and increasing closing rates.

    • Be In-The-Know

      Have full visibility into scheduled/shown appointments, deliveries, be-backs, walk-ins. No more guessing or hoping that everything was logged into the CRM.

    • Mobile Access

      See everything that is happening with your staff and customers in real-time, even when you aren’t there.


See all the analytics in an easy-to-read dashboard, including time, percentages, and comparisons. Easily review and send reports to yourself and team members.


A quick view of how many customers have been greeted in-person today by opportunity type; including walk-ins, appointments, be-backs and even off-site appointments

Position List

Quickly view the list of queued staff who are positioned to meet guests.

Activity List

View the list of staff who have been marked with an opportunity, and where they are in the process.


Easily record when a customer is introduced to another rep.


Automatically remind team members to take their meal breaks based on shift and quickly identify when they do.

CRM Integration

Send opportunities to your CRM to ensure 100% of your traffic is included in your follow-up process.

Activity Lock

Prevent staff from progressing further in the process prior to completing specific steps.


Add comments about each opportunity (description, customer name, stock number, etc.) or simply add a status.

Power Rotation

Set the amount of time staff is required to cover the point. Staff rotates automatically once time is met with no walk-in guests.

Position Float

Reward staff who book appointments by allowing them to continue to progress up in the queue (until they reach a specified position) while they assist scheduled customers.

Position Freeze

Lock staff members in position when out to lunch, on a call, or any customized reason.


Message Center

Easily communicate with a team member or an entire team. Send, receive, schedule, and save messages.

Unattended Guest

Know quickly when you have unattended guests in your business and are short on staff.

Wait List

Be aware of how long your customers wait for a department to complete their transactions.

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Frequently asked questions

No long-term contracts here.  We only have month-to-month agreements.  This holds our services and team accountable to achieving results.

You get access to our focused team, consisting of a performance manager, trainer, and a full support team.

Yes, because we understand that each of our clients is unique with their own processes in place. We also iterate regularly based upon suggestions and requests from our partners.

Our standard on-boarding process is within 10 to 15 business days.  This might be able to be expedited based on your needs.

Our team will schedule monthly calls to discuss and review reporting, best practices and ideas to keep you focused on your goals.

We will do a full two-day implementation of the process to get your store kicked off, and when needed, we are available to do refresher training along the way.