Nextup Wins AWA “Rising Star” Award for Fixed Ops

Timm Cuzzo
February 28, 2020

Las Vegas (February 13, 2020) — Brian Pasch, an industry leader in automotive marketing strategies, online education, and marketing intelligence, is pleased to announce Nextup as a winner of the Rising Star Award for Fixed Ops for their product Maintain. The awards were presented this year by Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital and Beth Braswell.

The AWAs were started in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, they’ve become a benchmark in the industry for innovative products in technology, design, search marketing, and social media.

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This year, over 150 industry leaders were in attendance as they awaited the reveal of this year’s AWA award recipients. This year’s lineup especially impressed the product review team and showed true innovation that continues to move the automotive industry forward. Brian is honored to hand out awards to dozens of deserving products and two outstanding individuals.

“Fixed Ops has always been the consistent source of dealership revenue. We are excited to introduce Maintain which is designed to streamline the service drive and increase profitability.” Clint Burns, CEO – Nextup

Built to streamline the service drive, Maintain is designed to improve processes, maximize profitability, and enhance the customer experience. With this tool, Service Managers can quickly assess if service drive customers are being processed efficiently against their arrival time. In addition to reducing wait time and creating an efficient order of Advisors to greet customers, Maintain provides Service Managers a real-time view of which Advisors are currently working with customers and how their time is being spent. Improving the service drive process allows Advisors to work with new customers coming in while having the proper amount of time to follow-up with others. Maintain provides the Service Manager with heightened control and an insight into the service lane that has never been possible before.

Nextup is a software company based in Anaheim, California. Its mission is to evolve the guest experience in retail environments by leveraging a proven process to create a better customer experience in businesses around the world.

Click Here to Download the 2020 AWA Nextup Excerpt

Timm Cuzzo

Timm is COO of Nextup, leads the Product Team, and is passionate about marketing.

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