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5 Reasons Why Employees’ Rest and Meal Breaks are Important at the Workplace

Over the years, research has shown that employees who take pre-planned rest and meal breaks tend to work 30% better than those who don’t. It is proven many employers have suffered litigation due to rest and meal break-related issues, which has led to continuous changes in both the laws and business policies. In general, employees’

Wireless Carriers Impose New Fees on SMS Service Providers  

Wireless carriers have long bared the costs incurred by the usage of their services in ways that they were never intended. Businesses have benefited for decades from P2P (people-to-people) messaging services to send crafty marketing messages to their customers, while the extra incurred surcharges were absorbed by carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In


Traditional UP systems using a whiteboard or even paper have good intentions. The basic concept is a decent one: organization and flow. However, the problems are many. Someone’s time is wasted (receptionist or even a manager), they are one dimensional, and they don’t track anything or offer any insight. Basically, there are too many moving

Let’s talk about the frustrated customers in F&I

We all learned the importance of a great “meet and greet.” From jump, the sales team’s sole responsibility is to set the stage for an extraordinary experience for the customer. The sales and management teams work with the customer to understand their expectations. They validate the customers research, educate them, and make sure they land


As Nextup’s VP of Sales, Mark Stringfellow talks to dealers and dealership staff every day. One of the first things he discusses is the “manager intro” by asking what their process is. “I’m usually pleased to find out that the manager intro is part of the process, and sometimes even more pleased to find out

Nextup Wins AWA “Rising Star” Award for Fixed Ops

Las Vegas (February 13, 2020) — Brian Pasch, an industry leader in automotive marketing strategies, online education, and marketing intelligence, is pleased to announce Nextup as a winner of the Rising Star Award for Fixed Ops for their product Maintain. The awards were presented this year by Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital and Beth

Understanding Your Customers’ Behavioral Style

In the sales and service environment understanding your customer’s behavioral style is imperative to a successful (great, pleasant, wonderful) guest experience. We’ve all seen the “time watchers” that repeatedly look to check the time—clearly indicating they’re in a hurry. Or the customer on a phone call when they pull up the takes 20 minutes to wrap up the

Communication is Key

From the moment a service guest arrives on the drive, communication is key to your success with that interaction. First Impressions Are Key It starts with a proper and timely greeting.  Customers will develop an impression of how their experience will be the moment they pull in. Do the advisors look busy?  Is there a

Your Service Guest’s First Visit

The first visit to your service department is critical in building long-standing customer relationships. Welcome to the next step in Nextup’s Service Drive Series. Once again, Nextup’s Sherry Thomas shares her Service Drive expertise to make your department’s strategies more efficient and profitable! Don’t Waste Your Service Guests Time Many advisors view the first visit

Building Relationships In the Service Department

Nextup has a “service-secret-weapon” on the team, and her name is Sherry Thomas. Sherry’s background, as a Service Manager and Fixed Ops trainer, make her quite the subject matter expert and we wanted to share that expertise with you. Welcome to a new series of steps that will help your service department evolve from good
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