November 13, 2020

Traditional UP systems using a whiteboard or even paper have good intentions. The basic concept is a decent one: organization and flow. However, the problems are many. Someone’s time is wasted (receptionist or even a manager), they are one dimensional, and they don’t track anything or offer any insight. Basically, there are too many moving pieces with little to no return. Traditional UP systems just don’t measure up to Nextup.

1. They create an atmosphere of laziness while everyone waits for their turn.

There’s almost nothing more annoying than an inadequately covered sales floor. Whether it’s too many sales reps standing around, or not a one to be found, it’s costly to the business, frustrating for management, and confusing to guests. The Nextup technology redefines efficiency and time management by rewarding reps who focus on phone calls and follow-up when they are in between customers so that there is no wasted time or unattended guests. Fill your business with appointments, return customers, and referrals; not reps who stand around waiting for walk-ins.

2. I will lose my highest-performing sales reps if I make them use an UP system.

No sales rep has ever asked how to waste more time. They want to sell more and make more money. Initial objections will be overcome with real results as the team sees closing rates, CSI, and ultimately their income improve. Nextup will allow your reps to spend more time working their follow-up without the fear of missing walk-in traffic, creating an appointment culture and a climate of professionalism that will not only help reduce turnover but bring better applicants.

3. Top performers and underachievers get the same amount of opportunities.

Your most aggressive reps will want to be rewarded for doing their jobs well, and they should be. The Nextup technology automatically rewards those reps with the thing they really want…more opportunities. For example, reps won’t feel that they are missing out on walk-in traffic when they are with an appointment (taking an average of 2.5 hours including delivery) when they’ve been rewarded with the next walk-in for doing so. It won’t be long until your superstars are setting more appointments (closing at 60%) and seeing the bulk of your walk-in traffic as well. With Nextup, you set your own parameters for rewarding your top performers, which will encourage your underachievers to improve.

4. They eliminate the competitive nature of our sales floor.

Sales reps thrive on competition, but what are they competing for? Typically, they fight for the next walk-in, which has a closing rate between 15% and 20%. What if they were competing for appointments?  Appointments close at around 60%, far higher than a walk-in. Top-performing businesses have reps who compete for appointments and are rewarded with walk-ins, which will ultimately make them industry leaders.

5. We will lose business because my lower performers aren’t as good at closing.

Your lowest-performing reps are getting walk-ins today. This issue is that you may not have the visibility you need to get involved soon enough.  This is likely costing you and your business money.  With Nextup, you will know precisely who the lower performers are and be alerted every time they greet a guest.  This will allow management to get involved early and often.  Real Nextup data tells us that early management introductions will increase closing rates by 35% or more, and help your underachievers learn and improve.



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