Understanding Your Customers’ Behavioral Style

Timm Cuzzo
February 25, 2020

In the sales and service environment understanding your customer’s behavioral style is imperative to a successful (great, pleasant, wonderful) guest experience. We’ve all seen the “time watchers” that repeatedly look to check the time—clearly indicating they’re in a hurry. Or the customer on a phone call when they pull up the takes 20 minutes to wrap up the call before they exit their car. Then there’s the parent with a car full of kids completely distracted.

Customers always display behavior that gives us insight into their current mindset and needs.  It’s up to us to acknowledge those indicators and tailor our communication style and handling to match their needs.


When you identify these signals, take these easy steps to ensure a smooth transaction:
Ask Questions
Identify Need
Provide Resolution
Show Appreciation


For example, you notice a guest repeatedly checking the time.
  • Acknowledge: Is there somewhere you need to be today by a certain time today?
  • Ask Questions:  What is it that you are bringing your vehicle in for today?  How’s the car been running for you?  Have you experienced anything else out of the ordinary with the car?
  • Identify the Need?  Ok, great.  We will get you going for that 30K miles service and we will check out what’s going on with that flashing brake light you’ve noticed and we will work quickly to get you written up so that you are on time to pick up your daughter from school.
  • Provide Resolution: Since you’re a little tight on time, would it be easier for you to get a loaner vehicle today, or would you like us to shuttle you over to the school and bring you back?
  • Show Appreciation:  Thanks for coming in today. We appreciate you servicing your car with us.  Have a great afternoon with your daughter and I will update you on the status of your car before 5 pm today.
Offering children something to do, like providing a coloring book or small toy, can go a really long way and is very inexpensive.  If someone appears to be working or taking work calls, letting them know where the business center is or a quiet area they can have privacy can also be helpful.  The point is, recognize this in your guests’ behavior and tailor your approach to match their behavior and priorities.  You will have more efficient and effective sales and service interactions by following these simple steps.

Timm Cuzzo

Timm is COO of Nextup, leads the Product Team, and is passionate about marketing.

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