Your Service Guest’s First Visit

October 22, 2019

The first visit to your service department is critical in building long-standing customer relationships. Welcome to the next step in Nextup’s Service Drive Series. Once again, Nextup’s Sherry Thomas shares her Service Drive expertise to make your department’s strategies more efficient and profitable!

Don’t Waste Your Service Guests Time

Many advisors view the first visit as a waste of time or a hassle simply because of the work involved in entering in new customers information into the DMS.  While this is an unavoidable step, this is the service department’s time to shine.Whether it’s a new owner, warranty customer, or someone that recently moved to your area, they are there for a service. They want to see how it goes, and most importantly how they are treated. Your service advisors should treat this opportunity as the best possible opportunity to make a long-standing impression on the customer.

Good First Impressions Are Easy

The first step is simple, greet all customers promptly and politely. Ensure they are assigned to the proper advisor in a timely manner. Make them feel welcomed by offering them a refreshment, tell them about the amenities offered, provide the location of the restroom and cashier.

Time itself has become considered a “luxury” nowadays. We have to be sure to make good use of their time while they’re at the dealership. Be sure the process goes smoothly. They should understand what is being done, how much it costs if there is a cost, and keep them informed during the entire process. Do a thorough recap of what was done and ask if they have questions. Most importantly, thank them for their business and for choosing your dealership service department. This is your chance to build value into why they should continue to choose you.

In conclusion, if your team can build a relationship and make a friend on that first visit, you will have a customer for life. If you want to make your Service Drive more efficient and profitable Nextup can help. Just click here for a demo.
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