NADA 2018 – New Nextup Data Shows People Like Free Drinks

Get Free Drinks at NADA!

Nextup is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the sales and traffic management industry. Their platform has collected over 27 million data points that help it’s dealers evolve their customer’s experience. As the 2018 NADA Conference and Expo is about to commence, the company is delighted to share compelling new data that shows people like free drinks.

“We always had a sense that people were warming up to the idea of free drinks, we just needed to dive into our data further to solidify what our guts were telling us”, Clint Burns, Nextup’s CEO explains. “The Nextup mobile app was showing us only part of the data, we had to do more research get into actual scenarios”, Burns explains.

Mark Stringfellow, VP of Sales, was sent into the field to observe people partaking in free drinks. Stringfellow was also instructed to immerse himself in the exercise. “He volunteered to go into the field really quickly, it just shows how passionate he was to get this data”, said Brent Wees, Nextup’s Director of First Impressions.

Stringfellow conducted several in-depth tests, all coming back with positive results. Stringfellow also communicated to the team that the test subjects, as well as himself, liked lots of free drinks. At the end of the field tests, Stringfellow returned with incredible new data, 2 new beer bottle openers and one huge foam finger stating that Tito’s Vodka was in fact “Number 1”. “Fortunately for us, he logged everything in our Mobile App,” said Burns, “usually after 8 free drinks he starts to forget stuff”.

Are you attending NADA 2018? This is your opportunity to visit the Nextup booth and take part in a two day “Happy Hour Research Group” where we’ll not only be sharing this new exciting data but providing those attendees free drinks as well. “In the spirit of research, we want to continue to learn from this and help grow a positive industry view towards free drinks.

If you would like to learn more about this study please visit BOOTH 5102C on Friday and Saturday between the hours of 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM. All are welcome to participate.

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