The First Step is the Only One That Matters.

August 15, 2017

In round 4 of Battle of the Big Cats, we’re talking video adoption at the dealerships. Last week, we heard from Chris Leslie and now it’s time for Josh Mitchell to spit some truth.


Video is hard…

The sarcasm from Chris makes this even more fun. The fact that we have been talking about video in the automotive space since 2010, yet most are still working in the stone age, is beyond me.

Video works!!!

Maybe it is the standard “we’ve always done it this way” mindset that is the holdup. Conference after conference, there is always a session about video that is filled up with dealers. But, no one executes what they have learned. It blows my mind.
I am here to say, come up with a plan and do it.

Why you should do video

When I started doing video I SUCKED at it. It was out of my comfort zone and wasn’t easy. The thing is, once I got the hang of it, I realized it was easy. Getting started is the hardest part. Once you do, the creative juices start to flow and ideas begin to show themselves more frequently. Start small and work yourself up to the end goal. But, the key is to start.
Chris stated, “You won’t invest in tools.” The fact is, most of you have the tool in your hands right as you are reading this. That’s right, your mobile phone. There is no reason to go out and buy thousands of dollars of equipment.
You already have it. Just click record.

The personal side of the business

The age of text messaging and email have taken the personal side out of what we do. Yet, we are in the people business. I have used video for follow up for 4 years to show the customer  a personal touch. Its real and it is personal. Plus it takes 30 seconds to record and hit send. Customers want that personal attention and crave it.

Invest in your business

You have people in your dealership that will do this. Just find out who loves Snapchat and other live streaming forms and go with them. Your employees want to be involved with the business so let them.
Save your money on the freaking billboard because no one is looking up. They’re not even looking at the road.

Understand you have time.

I saw a video walkaround on YouTube of a 2010 Lacrosse. As you know, that is a very sexy car. It was a 30 minute video that had over 200,000 views.
It sucked.
Yet, people watched it. I don’t want you to make a 30 minute episode because, no one cares about your dealership that much other than you. You need to keep it short and sweet.
There are endless video ideas including video follow up, walk arounds, how to videos, testimonials, service related info and this goes on and on.
Make a plan and do it. Quit talking about how hard it is and do it. As you do it I guarantee it gets easier.


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