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Nextup APP Now Available

Nextup, a retail sales process (RSP) proven to improve dealership sales, announces a mobile version of the Nextup platform is now available in both Apple and Google Play stores for download.

By adding mobile capabilities to the Nextup platform, dealer personnel will now be able to take their Uplist with them on the go. So, they always know when they’re next at-bat. The free mobile version can be downloaded from Apple or Google Play. Now, it will be able to send push notifications from the system to the user’s phone. This means you can access Uplist and downlist visibility anytime and anywhere. Additionally display current status and provide client support to dealership management and personnel, regardless of where they are.

“We wanted dealership personnel to be able to take Nextup with them anywhere to be as efficient as possible. For example, not just at their desk, but on test drives and even while with customers on the lot,” said Clint Burns, Founder and CEO of Nextup. “This gives an extra level of visibility so staff can take the time needed with their customers. They can make a sale without worrying about who is coming in the door next.”

Using the mobile version

Salespeople will now receive ongoing status alerts that inform them of their position on the Uplist. They’ll also receive messages from senior management in their message center. Additionally, sales people can update their profiles via the phone and even perform daily tasks. For instance, they can sign off from their shift for the day on their device.

Moreover, management will be able to use the mobile version for real-time rotation visibility. They have access to quick view stats for items like salesperson performance and time with guests. By giving managers this access, they are better able to monitor the performance of their entire team. Enterprise log-ons even enable managers with multiple dealer locations to follow the performance of salespeople from any of their stores.

“The mobile version is an exciting push for us. It represents the first step of what’s in store for the rest of this year. Additional tools to help dealership management staff like geo-fencing capabilities, more in depth analytics and stats are on the way. We want to take sales to the next level this year based on real, back-end data customized to individual dealerships,” said Burns. “Mobile represents just the beginning.”

To download the Nextup app

Visit iTunes or Google Play

For more information about Nextup’s Retail Selling Process, visit Here.

About Nextup

Nextup is a Retail Sales Process (RSP) that has proven to make sales teams more effective and increase test drives, write-ups and sales. By combining a closed floor selling system and easy-to-use technology, General Managers and Sales Managers are able to queue up sales leads in the door and level the playing field for their sales staff. The result is more time spent with each lead, increased test drives and higher sales numbers overall. For more information on Nextup, please visit


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