Amazing Things Happen When People Start To Believe

February 20, 2017

Three reasons your community is the perfect place to change the world.

One of the biggest factors that drives success at any business is when the people involved “believe.” Believe in that brand’s message, believe in the products they sell, believe in the people they work for.
It’s a simple premise. Believing in something drives success.

I believe it’s a year of change for a lot of dealerships. This is the year, many teams will take an honest look at what they are doing and believe they can change. Believe they can evolve their business and better their teams.

Scott Meyer is the brofounder (brother + cofounder) of 9 Clouds, a digital marketing and education firm that improves the digital literacy of businesses. In this personal talk, Scott Meyer highlights three reasons your community is the perfect place to change the world. As Meyer notes, it is possible to create work that matters in your community, even if it is rural and you are the first digital homesteader.

Applying the Concept at Your Dealership

It’s a wonderful, simple concept that can be applied at your dealership. Next time your team is moving through training or adopting new technology ensure that everyone believes in the vision of the desired outcome. This fosters true adoption by your store’s “community” and has everyone working towards the common goals of the business. Your dealership can be that perfect place to perfect this, just look at what Scott spearheaded in his own town.

We all have personal beliefs we carry with us every day; this year look to build professional beliefs across your entire organization. Demonstrate those with your customers and with one another. I believe you’ll be wildly successful!

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