3 Questions for Sherway Nissan

We popped in on one of our Toronto based clients, Jay Yoo of Sherway Nissan. We always like to get insight from our clients. Jay shares his thoughts on their overall outlook for 2017, marketing pivots and personal goals. He answered these hard-hitting questions like a champ!


Our Challenge to You

Remember to take a moment week-to-week to revisit your store’s goals. Don’t meet at the start of the year or each quarter without establishing internal checkpoints. These checkpoints could be focused on company culture or new strategies in your market.

Stop, regroup and refocus often.

Prepare 3 questions for your next team meeting that you normally wouldn’t be asked. Challenge your team to think differently, look at the dealership in a different light. You may be surprised with the results!

Thanks again for being such a good sport Jay. Good luck with your abs!

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