The Ultimate Dealership Management Checklist

Dealership Management Checklist
We’ve been talking a lot about the automotive markets “flattening”. Both in blogs and at conferences across the country. You may even be looking at those trends right now and seeing business slowing at your store too.

To those of you who have not been affected by this, let us know your secrets. Seriously. We want to know.

On top of that, when you add the chaos that an OPEN FLOOR creates, your dealership is left wide open and vulnerable to missed opportunities, poor customer experience, and lower profitability.

How do you get back on top?

Regrouping with your leadership team to course correct in a down market can be daunting.

And necessary.

There are some simple things you can do right now to easily identify your strengths and, more importantly, areas for improvement.

To Name a Few:

1. Perform Manager Introductions Early and Often: I know, I know. This one is a given. But, if we’re being honest, how many of your managers are actually doing this 100% of the time. What is the process in place to hold them accountable and how is it being tracked?

2. Measure Appointment to Walk-In Ratio (Set a Bench Mark for 30% or Higher): This one can be a difficult item to track. Especially if you are not capturing 100% of your walk-in traffic. How can are you ensuring these goals are met?

3. Monitor Sales Calls Live: If your dealership is running like a well oiled machine, managers will have time to monitor sales calls and manger their team effectively. How is your team managing their time?

Click below to download the full checklist for free and drastically maximize your opportunities all while improving your bottom line and your customer’s satisfaction.

Ultimate Dealership Management Checklist

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