Small Changes that Can Make a Big Difference in Your Test Drives

May 24, 2017
Statistics have always been something I relate to. They are black and white. They are facts rooted in historical data. So, when it comes to making decisions, I like to see what those statistics are telling me. Not only how I have performed in the past, but where I may need to improve and grow. It only makes sense, right?

With that in mind, if I were to tell you that only 1% of showroom prospects that DO NOT go on a test drive will purchase a vehicle, would you do anything differently?

Of Course You Would!

Back when I was selling cars

I had a couple lines I would use to get a prospect into a vehicle. Depending on the rapport I had with the client, sometimes I would go for ol’, “The owner requires every vehicle to be driven before we can sign paperwork.”

With others, I played a different card. “I know you did your homework and know all about the vehicle, but let’s bet a $1, I can show you a feature you DIDN’T know about.”

I always had a stack of dollar bills on my desk and a few one-liners to get a test drive. The point is, I knew the value of getting that person behind the wheel. It’s not luck or creative one-liners. It’s fact. Get them on the road and they’re statistically more likely to buy.

More Than The Test Drive

It’s not just about getting them in the car. What happens during the test drive is just as important to close the deal. Yes, you need to take every client on a test drive. You will sell more vehicles.

But, once you start test driving all your clients, you can start keeping track of the results of your performance. This is my favorite part. I like stats…this is fun for me. (No judgement)

Start tracking the following with every client:

  • Did I take them on a test drive?
  • What route did I go on?
  • What was my top speed?
  • Did I provide them value and information they didn’t know?
  • Did I sell the vehicle?
  • Where can I improve for next time?

Once you start to look at the data that you capture, you can start to see trends. You can determine if different vehicles should probably be taken on different routes at different speeds. You may need to cover different key features.

Take a truck/SUV where you can show how it handles the bumps or terrain.

Take a sports car on the freeway to show the acceleration

Take an electric vehicle somewhere quiet so they can hear it (or not).

Making minor changes to your test drives can seriously add up and start increasing the probability of closing deals.

Work Smarter

As Managers, making sure clients go on test drives is just as important. We all know it makes deals easier to close. But, is your team test driving EVERY client?

Just because they checked a box in your CRM, doesn’t always mean it happened. Of course, you can always get involved with the client and just ask them if they took the vehicle for a drive. You can ask what they thought of certain features and work hard to create that the accountability across your team.

Another option would be using technology. (Shameless Plug Alert) We currently have a product called DRIVE. It lets you track all of this information and view it anytime.

With the click of a button, our mobile app not only has the ability to track every client coming in the front door, but also tell you if a test drive was completed, what route was taken, and even how fast they went. No more guessing. Just facts rooted in historical data.

How cool would that be to use when you coach your team to improve? I know, really cool, right?

Remember, statistics show that consumers would not purchase a vehicle without test driving it first and 81% prefer a different test drive customer experience. So, use these few simple steps (or some rad technology) to improve your test drives and close more deals.


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