3 Biggest Myths about the Managed Floor

Timm Cuzzo
September 27, 2017
We have no shortage of content when it comes to explaining all of the benefits of implementing a managed (closed) floor in your dealership. What can I say? We believe in the process. Not only does it ensure every walk-in makes it into your CRM. But it allows the sales team to better manage the 5.5 hours a day that they are not in front of a customer.

Myths arise when there is a lack of understanding of how something works. That’s why, despite all of these benefits, there’s been some myths about a Managed Floor that we’ve heard going around. We’d like to take the time to address them.

Myth #1: A Managed Floor Doesn’t Reward the Aggressive Sales People

First, let’s define what an aggressive sales person is. When you think of an aggressive sales person what do you see?

Are they the ones who spends their day standing on the point watching the lot? Is it the rep who waits for opportunities to come to them and possibly burns those ups when they aren’t an easy sell?


Is it the reps that are cultivating their relationships and building more business in the showroom, on the phones, or even in the service drive? Is it the person who is reaching out on social media, networking, or creating videos to bring people in to the dealership?

The problem is not that the aggressive sales reps are not seeing enough opportunities or not being rewarded. The problem is our perception of who our power players truly are. It doesn’t take any drive or hunger to wait around for something to come in.

A Managed Floor sets clear expectations and accountability of where everyone on your team should be at any given time of the day. The sales reps are given a process/structure that allows them to focus on managing their time not only when they are in front of a customer but, more importantly, when they are not.

It allows your truly aggressive sales people to do what they do best. Bring in business.

Myth #2: I’ll lose my good sales people.

But will you? If an employee quits because you decided to implement a process that requires them keep the CRM updated, manage their time wisely, and create a consistent customer experience in the dealership, would you really be sad to see them go?

You are building a team of employees who can all contribute to the success of your dealership. If you are completely reliant on a single employee to make their numbers every month, there might be a bigger problem than just your sales process.

Losing an employee because they don’t want to follow your rules is not something you should fear. Hire someone who will.

Myth #3: It just didn’t work for us.

Ok. But, what was your implementation like? Was everyone on board? Were the expectations clearly communicated and documented? Did management continue to coach and hold everyone accountable?

With any new process, there needs to be clear expectations set and consistent follow through.

Imagine if your parents said, “Yeah, we tried to teach him to walk but he just kept falling all over the place. We figured it wasn’t for everyone.”

As management, it is your responsibility to create the process and to push through all of the bumps along the way. With any new process, technology or change, there is an adjustment period. But you can’t give up every time your team doesn’t follow the process or the ship gets a little off course.

A Managed Floor not only gives the sales people their time back but gives management the freedom to really dive in to any opportunities for improvement and truly manage their team more consistently and effectively.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. A Managed Floor provides your ENTIRE TEAM with the process/structure they need to manage their time and your business successfully.

Are there any other myths you may have heard? Shoot us an email and let us know your thoughts.

Timm Cuzzo

Timm is COO of Nextup, leads the Product Team, and is passionate about marketing.

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