Dealer Spotlight: Lexus of Edmonton

November 6, 2017
When we talk to dealers, we come across all kinds of unique situations and needs. Some dealerships are looking to increase CRM input, some are trying to solve their employee turnover problems, some want accountability, most are looking for more sales. But in the case of Lexus of Edmonton, they weren’t actively looking for a solution to any particular pain point.

Brent Wees sits down with General Manager, Matt Miller to talk about how they came across the platform and what they were able to accomplish because of it.

What was the main reason why you looked at a platform like Nextup?

MM: First and foremost, I always listen to trusted friends in the industry. A close contact of ours pulled me aside and said, “Matt you have to check this out. Forget it, don’t even check it out, You need to do it!”

That was coming from a trusted friend. Someone I look up to. When I heard those words of encouragement to really consider this product, it opened up the conversation with the guys at Nextup.

You already have a well run ship. What are you able to achieve with Nextup at your dealership?

MM: It was about elevation for us. We already believe in a controlled up system and we’re such big believers in training and coaching. To have a tool like Nextup, it gave us the opportunity to spend the best amount of time with people when they weren’t waiting for that extra [walk-in] opportunity.

For us, it gave us all of these coaching tools. We’re able to look at the back-end. We’re able to use the data and look at the time people are spending and [any] areas where they may be missing. We found it was a really cool opportunity for us to use these true numbers to coach our team, help them get better, and really provide the answers to be the best sales professionals as possible.

How did you get the whole team on board and gain adoption across your dealership?

MM: Honestly, it was the support and the training from Nextup. It was really huge for us.

It’s one thing when people in the organization give a message, it [only] goes so far. But when you have those outside voices reiterating those same points and explaining that, our team bought in right away.

I think we’ve got a good culture in our store. People knew that we weren’t doing things unless it was for the betterment of the dealership. And then having the voice of Nextup and the support and training out of the gate, to really unroll it, we were off the ground and running in no time.

Nowadays, how important is a managed floor?

MM: It’s more important than ever. We talk about customer experience all the time and how critical that is to the success of the dealership.

One philosophy we have in our dealership is nobody touches the door handle when entering our dealership. We open the door for every single person that walks in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fellow employee, if it’s the mail person, or if it’s one of our guests coming through the doors. And it’s a great concept.

But it is not possible without having Nextup. It really isn’t.

Everything [with Nextup] is tied to your smartphone and it’s tied to a kiosk. It’s the only way we can ever really accomplish this “wow factor”. It seems so simple, opening a door, but it’s kind of a lost art in society.

The only way we can be successful and accomplish that 100% of the time is by having a tool like Nextup to manage people and ensure that they’re at the right place, at the right time, so it never gets missed.


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