Communication is Key

Timm Cuzzo
December 2, 2019
From the moment a service guest arrives on the drive, communication is key to your success with that interaction.

First Impressions Are Key

It starts with a proper and timely greeting.  Customers will develop an impression of how their experience will be the moment they pull in. Do the advisors look busy?  Is there a back up of cars in the drive?  Does it seem like it’s going to take too long?

A prompt and professional hello eases anxiety and allows you to manage the customer’s expectations.”Good morning.  Welcome to ABC service, my name is (NAME) we are glad you are here today, what brings you in to see us? Ok great. A service advisor, (NAME) will be out to get you started in about (#)  minutes. Until then may I offer you water?”

Great Communication Habits Builds Solid “CX”

As the process with the service advisor begins, it should be efficient and effective:  “Good morning Mr. Smith, how are you today?  I hear you are in for (SERVICE) today.  Ok, tell how the car has been performing for you. This starts the very important part of communication called ACTIVE LISTENING.  What our guests tell us is critical.  You should start to understand the type of personality you are working with and tailor your interaction to that guest (serious, factual, joker, laid back, rushed, etc).  Ask clarifying questions, but allow the customer to explain their vehicle needs.  Capture all the details, recap and restate what the customer shared.

Now begin to go over any other necessary recommendations for their vehicle. Any service that saves the customer time and money in the future needs to be communicated.  Provide the service that is recommended with the features and benefits of performing that service.  Is it a repair?  Is there a maintenance item that is due or is it preventative maintenance?  Make the guest feel that it is their choice as to what they have performed, but that you’ve provided great information in order for them to make that decision.

One More Time, From The Top

Go over everything one more time, item by item, provide an estimate of cost, as well as time to complete that service. After reviewing all of the information, ask the guest if they have any questions, and determine the transportation options. Are they taking a shuttle? Be sure the guest knows your name and how to reach you and set a time to follow up with them on the status of the work.

Always ensure they know what amenities are available to them (refreshments, WiFi, quiet area, restrooms). If they’ve never been there show them around. Thank them for coming in and follow up with them on the status.  Always meet the times you’ve set.  Do what you say you will do. With great communication during the write-up process comes happier customers, and you will sell more profitability.

Timm Cuzzo

Timm is COO of Nextup, leads the Product Team, and is passionate about marketing.

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