We Came Back.

Since 2004 Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando has been a leader in providing a true V.I.P experience, setting benchmarks for inventory, service, and customer service to their loyal customers in Central Florida.

We Thought We Could Do It Ourselves

Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando was using Nextup, and then they left. Not your typical start to any case-study but this isn’t typical at all. Dealerships change software all the time, Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando made the change because they wanted to create out their own up system process. Realizing that “doing it their way” wasn’t providing them the same results, they came back and re-installed the platform. Justin Saavedra, Business Development Center Director explains what they learned.

“We actually tried to do our own system. We still wanted to be organized. Our idea was to try to man a rotation ourselves and use some other “system”. While we thought we were saving money, it wasn’t really benefiting our store. Nextup allows us to communicate with the entire sales staff at once. We needed to involve mangers in the showroom quicker and provide better coverage. There’s a lot of benefits that really pushed us in the direction of going back the Nextup.”

Ensuring The Right Alignment

Marketing only does half the job, you need to be even better when they reach the dealership. Justin explains how it’s critical for them to align their messaging with their in-store experience to make a great first impression.

“We advertise the idea of giving the best treatment to our clients. We think any dealership can say the same thing. Our customer’s expectation when they walk in the door is to be the center of attention. Our team is focused on whatever issue or need they have. We need to be able to communicate quickly to our sales staff, management, or F&I department. Nextup gives us the opportunity to do that.”

Better Connections

As the store re-established it’s showroom process, it started to look at ways of bringing the same organization to other departments. Nextup was able to show them just how easy it is to bring more efficiency and accountability to the other teams at the dealership.

“F&I is just like your sales team. You’ve got your superstars ; the ones that just knock it out of the park and handle customers quickly and then you also have staff that take longer. The surveys we get back also reflect this. We wanted to better organize the time our customers were spending with the F&I team. Build a similar rotation to the sales floor. We were eager to use Nextup’s Finance rotation. It really sets the proper bar for what they should be all shooting for, which is a respectable average time with customer. Our F&I department is running smoother, we actually have real reporting to see customer transaction times in the Finance Department. Ensuring the same accountbility exists in both departments really helps us out.”

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We need to be able to communicate quickly to our sales staff, management, or f&i department and Nextup gives us the opportunity to do that.

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