Eddie Binder

General Sales Manager - Weseloh Chevrolet

Video Transcript
It's not going to be exclusive to us. And I would imagine it's not exclusive to the industry.

Whenever you have people that have certain habits built in over the course of time, having them have to pay attention to something else that's out of there that's not in their normal course of what they've developed over the years, really, for lack of a better term. Just not in their habit, not in their lane. It's always more difficult.

But you know, it's like any other business. You weigh people's values and struggles. There are certain areas that everybody's going to struggle in technology. Nextup technology is no different than so many of the other things that we're having to deal with more demands for attention to detail that salesmen in the past necessarily, you know, they weren't famous for, sit down, be charming, grab a credit application and show a car.

They're good at learning product. But, you know, all the other things that make you a businessman, that make you kind of a a self employed inside a business, the things that can help you, they didn't always appreciate. Now to I try to bring down I try to bring hey listen you've had we've always talked about how many customers have an individual had and how many times you've demoed somebody and how many times you've how many buybacks you've gotten in the store. But these are all things that you can look at. And as a sales person that should be competitive by nature, because all good salespeople are you can say, hey, look, this guy's getting more opportunities to do business than me. I'm not going to stand for that. Or this person's driving more people back to the store. And you know, Nextup allows us just another way to gather that information, bump it up against our CRM and see who's doing a great job of of paying attention to these to this particular requirement of the job. And yes, it's a requirement of the job.