Casey Yokom

General Sales Manager - Dolan Toyota

Video Transcript
I was in sales, I've been in sales for a year, working off of an open floor with, you know, the old school car guys and, you know, kind of fighting over ups and whatever you could get you can get and we implemented next up when I was still in sales.

Just me personally, my sales go up 4 to 5 cars every single month. Um just from maximizing the one opportunity that I would get on, you know, helped us as a dealership, help myself personally in sales, gives them the time to go through the CRM and call the people from the previous day or the sold car customers or maximizing the follow up.

And as a manager, it helps us hold them accountable. As far as what they're doing where they're at, just our dealership that's important, what one customers come on the lot and think and, you know, we're getting bashed on surveys there for a while when we had 15 to 20 guys out front just circled around.

So as a management standpoint from a dealership standpoint, it's helped our customer service because they're not running into the cultures that are packed up and it just makes people feel uneasy and uncomfortable when they come into a dealership and you're going off of just no up list open floor who you don't know if someone was with someone for x amount of time or if they introduced them to a manager or if they even test drove,

I mean, they could say they did but, at the end of the day, if you have the Nextup, have a list that they have to get put back on and they have to tell you exactly what they did.

What me and Clint just went through is we're missing easily 80 car deals a month just by not test driving or introducing to a manager and you would never know that if you didn't have the system,

it's sickening, It's over a million dollars a year. So, I mean, 100 and $20,000 a month.and now we know what we need to do and it was pretty simple for as deep as me and Clint just got in there into the data and the numbers and everything like that. it just comes down to basically test driving and introducing to a manager and that gives us the 80 deals a month, which is pretty crazy.

But it's a good problem to have a good opportunity. At least, you know, where to tackle it with going into the data.