Antony Chandler

General Manager - BMW of Riverside

Video Transcript
First impressions are extremely important with the luxury brand. A lot of people aspire to what they're selling here at BMW Riverside, and obviously it's an aspirational product.

But if people aren't taken care of really quickly and given, sort of Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton experience right from the beginning, expectations in the customer might mind can be really disappointing.

So, for instance, if we don't have someone waiting on our guests right away, they might get the impression that we feel we're too good or too exclusive, to be taking good care of them.

The first day I walked on the lot, immediately, I noticed that our guests weren't being taken care of in a timely manner here at BMW Riverside and where I come from with Fletcher Jones Motor Cars.

It's one of the most important things is to give your guest that immediate experience, and the reason for that is is that if you don't have a system like Nextup that really monitors and regulates the duties of the sales person and their time, what tends to happen is that is that they either get all get busy on the phones or they all get busy having lunch and they tend to congregate.

And as a result, you don't have people doing specific tasks at specific times, most importantly, being up front and greeting the guests and knowing that it's their opportunity to greet that guest, which is what is regulated by Nextup.

So some of the challenges of getting the sales people to know how we want the guests taken care of is that they're used to just being on a regular car lot if they no longer if they haven't worked with the Fletcher Jones or a highlight company before, and, generally what you start to get is a Harbor Boulevard effect where all the sales guys are standing outside and it's quite a turn off.

And so what you really want is a professional greeting, where someone is absolutely prepared and trained and that really is where it comes down to using Nextup, consistently and properly, where you have only two people who are assigned to take care of incoming customers and the other sales people are freed up to do all the rest of their follow up work that they should be doing knowing full well that they will be alerted on their cell phone as soon as it is their opportunity to take care of a guest.

As a result, we can also measure how much time is spent with each guest, whether there was a test drive and whether the guest was really given a proper demonstration.

So one of the things we've learned is that if a guest meets a manager and gets a test drive, you close at 46%.

Those are things that can only be instituted by a system such as Nextup.