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Nextup Platform

Customer Benefits

  • Being greeted by prepared staff provides a great first impression for the customer when they visit your location.
  • Staff can focus on their returning customer and not be concerned about missing walk-in opportunities.
  • Management involvement, early and often, helps build rapport with the customer.
  • Your store is going to be ready and prepared for that customer, building a more memorable visit.

Staff Benefits

  • Allows staff to know amount of time they will be on point. Keeps the list fresh and allows staff to work on follow-up.
  • Aggressive appointment setting staff get more fresh opportunities.
  • A simple way to request manager assistance without leaving the side of the customer.
  • Visibility into all appointments set at future time and date.
  • Staff can use the system anywhere in the dealership without interrupting their workflows.

Management Benefits

  • Holds all staff accountable to be ready for customers at all times. Also ensures all customers are greeted promptly by the your team.
  • Encourages staff to set more appointments.
  • Manager involvement not only raises your team’s performance but increases closing rates.
  • View all upcoming scheduled appointments, deliveries, etc. Know true confirmed appointments that show.
  • See everything that is happening in your store, even when you’re not there.

Explore Our Features

A look into our core features and customizable solutions, Nextup is built to enhance your current processes.

Power Rotation

A fixed amount of time staff would be required to cover the point. Automatically rotating staff once time is met.

Manager Introduction

Allow staff to request manager assistance when needed. Managers are then alerted of the request and can accept.

Scheduled Events

Staff can schedule future appointments and deliveries that can be confirmed at time of arrival.


Add a comment about each opportunity (description/customer name) or add a comment of your status.

Position List

List showing the staff queued ready to assist a customer.


Dig into the data to see what you want when you want with filters.


Sort the opportunities on the activity list and see them in the order you want.


Ability to lock staff when needed to ensure specific steps are completed.


See all the analytics in a easy to read dashboard…see time, percentages, comparisons


Easily review and send reports to yourself and team members for valuable insights.

Position Hold

Reward the staff by allowing them to stay in position while assisting a scheduled appointment.


Ability to introduce a customer to another team member. View, Track and Report all introductions.

Blind Assign

Create fairness in the hand off to finance from sales.  Let the process decide the right producer in the order.

Manual Assign

Ability for the staff to have multiple customers assigned to them at the same time.

Same Order All Shift

Ability for the team to stay in the same order through out the day.  Know exactly the order from the start.

Multiple Assign

Ability for the finance team to have multiple customers assigned to them at the same time.

Manager Notifications

Get notifications at the right time in the deal to have the most impact.

Wait Queue

Ability to create a customer waiting queue when staff or department is not available.

Position Freeze

Ability to have staff lock in the queue when out to lunch, on a call, or any customized reason.


Notifications when staff moves positions, are with opportunities, and when tasks need to be completed.

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