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Nextup’s Up System helps automotive dealerships identify, track, and manage all sales opportunities.

Nextup’s car dealership Up System allows you to prioritize opportunities, assign them to team members, and track the progress of each opportunity.

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With Nextup, your team will gain visibility, accountability, and efficiencies within your dealership to make instant and informed decisions. Find out for yourself how Nextup can benefit you, your team, and your customers.

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  • Quantify Staff Performance
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Nextup tailors its software to your unique processes and car dealership operations, incorporating best practice guidance to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Up System Software for Auto

  • Power Rotation

    Set the amount of time staff is required to cover the point. Staff rotates automatically once time is met with no walk-in guests.

  • Scoreboard

    A quick view of how many customers have been greeted in-person today by opportunity type; including walk-ins, appointments, be-backs and even off-site appointments

  • Position Float

    Reward staff who book appointments by allowing them to continue to progress up in the queue (until they reach a specified position) while they assist scheduled customers.

  • Message Center

    Easily communicate with a team member or an entire team. Send, receive, schedule, and save messages.

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A comprehensive set of tools designed to be tailored to for your unique needs.

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Managing and optimizing your sales floor can be difficult to get right. At Nextup, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. If you are planning to bring Nextup to your dealership’s sales floor, we can help you achieve your sales goals

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