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The Solution is simple!
Nextup Transact is Proven in Today's Dealerships.

Timed Wait Queue

Auto-assign deals to finance

Notify Sales of finance statuses

Higher CSI Scores

Nextup Transact
of guests Think the overall transaction time is too long

The experience continues when your customer decides to purchase, you team needs to extend the best experience through the entire process.  Utilizing Nextup features and the knowledge of our team, customer will spend less time and have higher customer satisfaction.  Nextup clients have seen a 9.25% shorter client wait time.

Knowing the data allows you to improve.  Let us show you the difference knowing the data can make.  Contact our team to see a demo today.

Efficient and Fair

I like using Nextup because it makes the service drive efficient, fair, and holds everyone accountable! It keeps the process in order so customers don’t get skipped and/or forgotten about. I love the fact we can run reports on how long it takes on average for advisors to take care of customers and get to the drive.  I couldn’t imagine not using it anymore.

Manage our incoming customer flow

We enjoy using this tool because of our open drive configuration. It makes managing incoming customer flow, and assignments to advisors easy.

Schedule a Demo

We’ve got a great team here waiting to help you out, contact us at 888.278.6624.

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