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MAINTAIN is an evolved automotive Up System, providing the dealership efficiencies and accountability in the Service Drive. Allow your advisors to properly work each RO and build value with your customers.

Click on the unique features to see how we bring the Up System to the Service Drive!

Maintain Title

Create an order of advisors available to greet customers and view which advisors currently working with customers.



Customer Benefits

Advisors - Allows advisor team to work with new customers coming in while having proper amount of time to follow-up with others.

Management - Quickly assess if service drive customers are being processed in an efficient manner against their arrival time.

Customer - Reduces waiting time.

Maintain Service Coverage



Customer Benefits

Advisors - Aggressive appointment setting advisors get more fresh opportunities.

Management - Encourages advisors to set more appointments and stop living solely on the marketing efforts of the store.

Customer - Your advisor team can focus on their returning customer and not be concerned about missing new opportunities.

Position hold enables an advisor to maintain their position in the Up System while they are with an appointment. Once finished with that customer they will return to the highest hold position.

Nextup Position Hold

Seamlessly transition a customer journey through your dealership with a mix of process and technology.



Customer Benefits

Sales - Be alerted from a service advisor if a customer needs sales assistance.

Management - Build better relationships between departments increasing sales and CSI.

Customer - Multiple departments working together to meet the customer's needs.

Transact Connection To Sales