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Nextup Message Center
Quick and Efficient Communication
with your entire dealership
Simple. Reliable messaging.

With Nextup Message Center, you’ll be able to communicate with your entire team simply and quickly.  Messages are delivered to all mobile devices.

Common Uses:

Company News, Company Updates, Reception Notifications, Manager Reminders,
Meeting Reminders, Finance Needs, Client Needs, and So Much More…

Here's how it works
1. Select Recipient -

Recipients can be selected on individual basis, role, or team.  Have your entire staff in the system grouped as teams.  Send to all or one group.

Just click next to the correct selection.

2. Enter Message -

Choose one of two options:

  • Quick Message – Those messages you send often set up for ease of use by selecting the option needed
  • Type Message – Type in your message.
3. SEND -

Just like that…It will be delivered instantly to the mobile device.*

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*Instant deliver is common on most devices and carriers, although some do experience slight delays.

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