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Up Management: The Cure for FOMO

Today's guest blogger Joe Webb, President of DealerKnows, shares how an up management system will remove FOMO from sales. Join Joe and Nextup's Brent Wees at Driving Sales Executive Summit in Las Vegas Oct 22. @10 AM for their session…

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Best Buy and Your Dealership - How Are they Si

Best Buy, Your Dealership and Automotive’s Hiring Issues

This is a tale of two retail environments, Best Buy and your dealership. Different verticals, uniquely different products but a lot of similarities. Brick and mortar businesses, target driven environments, warrantee upselling and staff turning machines. The focus of this…

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The Most Important Part of Your Marketing

Make Sure Your Briefs Are Clean!

The pace at which we push or publish our marketing efforts to our trade areas in automotive is staggering. Ever-changing market conditions and consumer insights have many of us in “reactive strategies” rather than well thought out “pre-emptive” plans. We…

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Optimizing Your Service Drive

Evolving Your Process in the Service Drive-Thru

We're very pleased to have our first guest blogger of the year, Wayne Dean,  writing on the importance of evolving process in the service drive. Being such a critical profit center for dealerships, making small adjustments can go such a…

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Should Marketing Attribution Be Your Dealership's Focus?

Sure, We Know Attribution Is Important But…

Mark Stringfellow, VP of Sales for Nextup, weighs in on the "attribution buzz" happening throughout the automotive industry... You’ll see many of the big players like, Autotrader, and many others continuing to tout this buzzword moving into the new…

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Managing the Sales Process

Is Your Process Management Is Like Spinning Plates?

This article excerpt appears in the FALL 2017 issue of HOTLINE and is authored by Matt Richardson.  For automotive retailers, there have been a greater number of tools and options available when it comes to generating qualified sales leads. The…

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Dealership Management Checklist

The Ultimate Dealership Management Checklist

We've been talking a lot about the automotive markets "flattening". Both in blogs and at conferences across the country. You may even be looking at those trends right now and seeing business slowing at your store too. To those of…

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