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"It's Gonna Be Alright, Nextup Is Here!"

Internal Communication Growing Pains & How to Solve Them

Internal Communication Growing Pains and How to Solve Them David Mizne, Marketing Communications Manager of drops in this week to guest blog and tackles team communications. A great read for leadership teams looking to continually improve the culture at their dealerships.…

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Would you like to update your software at this time?

Picture this: You have just released your latest automotive software version and mobile application, so everybody will instantly download and start using it, right? Well, not exactly. The case for change is difficult to make and even harder to implement.…

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Are Your Wait Times Killing Gross Profits?

Stop worrying about transaction times and focus on the customer experience! Our industries focus is on how to speed up the transaction process because we believe that’s what the customer wants… But is it? Could customers be looking for a…

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Chris Leslie Vs Josh Mitchell

Dealerships Are Dead Without A BDC

Josh Mitchell & Chris Leslie will be duking it out all year long on the Nextup blog! Welcome to Round 1, we're debating BDC's. Josh gets into the ring first... I’ve said this a number of times, and have gotten in…

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