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3 Questions for Sherway Nissan

We popped in on one of our Toronto based clients, Jay Yoo of Sherway Nissan. We always like to get insight from our clients. Jay shares his thoughts on their overall outlook for 2017, marketing pivots and personal goals. He…

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Google Adwords Battle Of The Big Cats

Adwords is the Up-Bus of Today

Josh Mitchell & Chris Leslie begin Round 2 debating Google Adwords. Chris Leslie steps into the ring talk about how you might be wasting your money on Adwords in 2017. Are you waiting on the Adwords Up Bus? Just like…

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Count Every Customer So Every Customer Counts

You and your CRM data have a fantastic relationship. It’s a give and take. You input information, and it gives you data that accurately reflects your dealerships performance 100% right? At this point you might be chuckling at that idea…

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Automotive Moneyball

Anyone who had the privilege to hear Billy Beane speak at the last DrivingSales Executive Summit held in Las Vegas left a bit star struck. His influence over baseball, and more specifically, his success using sabermetrics during his tenure with…

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How do you hold your CRM Accountable?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have come a long way. I was one of the first in the automotive industry to offer CRM systems to dealerships. When I began selling, the question to prospects was always, “Do you have a…

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