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Never enough time in the day to read all the Nextup articles. From CRM to Adwords, we cover all the topics even some your monthly meetings might not.

5 Signs Of A Sick Sales Floor

5 Signs of a Sick Sales Floor

5 Signs of a Sick Sales Floor Our Director of First Impressions, Brent Wees looks at a few phobias that grip your sales-floor and reduces your dealership's productivity.  “There is one consolation with being sick; and that is the possibility…

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Chris Leslie Vs Josh Mitchell

A BDC Won’t Solve Your Problems

Welcome back to the battle. Last week, Josh Mitchell guest-blogged about the importance of having a BDC. Chris Leslie is ready with his counterargument. Here comes the uppercut... “The more pessimistic your explanatory style, the easier it is to slip into…

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Chris Leslie Vs Josh Mitchell

Dealerships Are Dead Without A BDC

Josh Mitchell & Chris Leslie will be duking it out all year long on the Nextup blog! Welcome to Round 1, we're debating BDC's. Josh gets into the ring first... I’ve said this a number of times, and have gotten in…

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Modern Sales Floor Vs Open Sales Floor

What’s Really Going On in an Open Floor?

Let’s get to the point May dealers can argue against a Modern Sales Floor (closed or managed floor) is very basic. The aggressive guys will be stifled and the dealership will lose sales. Meanwhile, the mediocre guys may get more…

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